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 Recently, I was hit on by someone on MySpace.  That sort of thing is quite pathetic, considering the circumstances of my being a doll and all.  Below, I have cut and paste the message I received.  For the privacy of the person who sent me the message, I have deleted the e-mail address.

Heya sexy!

I've been in a relationship for the past three years; it ended unexpectedly a couple of months back. I feel relieved and thrilled to start the dating process again. I'd like to meet a great, easy-going guy. After seeing your ad page, I thought we'd probably click. Especially since you're close by... I think. I'm not from around here - I'm visiting a friend � so I'm not sure.

A little about me: I'm cute and have a couple of tattoos. My height and weight are proportional but I'd like to be more toned. I have a beaming smile, nice hair and a firm butt. I hope you'll be interested in chatting more. Don't be shy. Fyi, I'm using my friend's account because I'm not a member here so don't respond directly to this message. Please send your reply to my regular email address: xxxxx-xxxx.

Have a great say and thank you!

Some people are desperate.  Very Desperate.  People like this person need help.
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 My caregiver is quite bored, which is obvious by the creation of this community.  I have a couple of invitations pending.  Don't know why my caregiver thought this was necessary, but I'll take it.